Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Dash Birthday!

This weekend was party/RAIN central at our house!  April weather in Arkansas can be hit or miss.  We had temps in the 70's earlier this week and come Friday for the party it was rainy and in the 50's.  But that did not slow down the 18 kids from having a good time.  I have been planning the party for a month and ordered all the decorations from Amazon!  Why did I ever do it any other way!
Carleigh wanted a My Little Pony party.  I wanted her to have the type of party she wanted, but I encouraged her to make it a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony party and she happily went with it!  (I am not a big character themey person)

I had seen a wonderful Unicorn/rainbow party that Lindsey did over at the Cottage Mama, and she had a link to her graphic she made and I used it for the invitations!

Thanks so much Lindsey for letting us  less tecno savvy okay completely unsavvy people in on that cuteness!

I made 25 tissue paper balls to hang from the chandelier and made a paper banner for the cake table.  My original plan was to have all the tables/food/decorations and crazy kids OUTSIDE but we had to move everything in (except the bounce house) due to that pesky rain.

I used some Washi tape, confession, this was my first time to use washi tape and now I think I am addicted!  Anyway, I used it to spiffy up some plain bamboo forks
At the drink station I had a galvanized bucket full of glass bottle cokes and crush sodas, waters and capri suns.  I even had some Summer Beer (best drink ever!!!) for the adults.  Side note, summer beer will make any child's birthday party with 18 kids way less stressful!!! 

On the cake/gift table I put a picture of the birthday girl.  I can not believe she will be in school next fall.

After I got into the bounce house with like 9 beach towels the kids were let loose!
We then had a bubble/dance party in the mist!  Side note,  I made the girls all a cute Doli tank by Sarah with the plans that they were them for the party with bubble shorts... Well with cold  temps and rain I was scrambling to find a black long sleeve top to put under the tank.  Just a little pre party stress... remember the summer beer!?!?! It helped.

After we played for a while we all came in to eat.  Rocky manned the grill AKA stayed out of the way of the 18 kids.  We then opened presents and ate cake, may favorite part!

I made a rainbow cake, super easy!  I was afraid the colors would run together, but I think it turned out well for the first try!

Carleigh felt like the star of the show.  I know as parents we don't have favorites, I love all my girls beyond imagination!  I just have a soft spot for my middle redheaded baby girl.  I know that she knows she is special and that God made her ours for a reason.  She is so full of energy and just has a joy for life that I hope never fades.  Happy birthday Beautiful girl!

I hope that since we have good weather this week, I will be able to get good pictures of my KCW stuff!  Here's to hoping!

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