Thursday, May 2, 2013

You can never have too many ruffles

I am linking up again with Andrea at The Train to Crazy, with Make it Wear it Thursday


I first drafted pants off a pair of pants in Lendee's closet  and made a Ruffle in the chevron material in the opposite direction for contrast.  I then decided, what the heck, why not add another ruffle with the material I had for the top.  I did a rolled hem on the ruffles with my serger to keep the ruffles light.
For the top I drafted an A line top, with  a half lining and put in a zipper! Bazinga! those are actually getting easier and look so much better than my stinky button holes.  at first the top seemed a little plain, so I cut a strip of the chevron rolled the hems and ran a gathering stitch down the center.  I added some interfacing to the inside front of the shirt and sewed on the ruffle.  I then attached 2 large square buttons (LOVE).
For the sleeves, I made them 3 quarter length  with shirred detailing close to the cuffs.
Of course she had to strike a pose!  She loves that when she runs the ruffles of her pants "Swing"  in her terms.

Older sister saw the material and wanted a matching outfit, but no ruffle pants, so I made her an A line dress A little "Twiggy" in my opinion. but she loves it.


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