Monday, May 6, 2013

Just a little Doli tank... or three... okay 7

When you have three little girls, you can't get away with sewing just one new pattern, you MUST sew three.  The only advantage is that by the third (or forth) one you are REALLY good at it.
This pattern is by the uber talented Sarah . 

Her pattern is very well written and is easy to put together, minus a paper cut, but that was not her fault.... just my own excitement for the pattern!  So the pattern does not call for a knit for the main fabric, but I thought that I would try it, it does drape nicely, and I am trying to get out my quilting cotton comfort zone.  

So I started with some beige knit with gold dots, (from Girl Charlee, looks sold out now) so soft, and cut up a ribbed black tank for the bindings.  Graceanne is a VERY small 7 year old, so I made her a size 5 in the top but a size 6 for the length.  I know that the top would be "open and flowy" but I did not want it too open on her small frame.

With if being a knit, I did not do a french hem which is called for in the pattern, I had never done one before so I just stayed with my trusty serger!
The pattern does not call for top stitching, but even after I pressed it I went ahead and top stitched with a double needle, two colors of thread, fancy shmancy, just to polish it off.  Plus the knit was just not very heavy and would not stay put!
I love the tank, so does Graceanne, it was a little big and she will put a tank under it but it is a great pattern and perfect for our hot Arkansas summer.  So after this one, I made three more.
Yes folks, I'm that crazy mom that makes her girls match as often as I can!

I love the way the tank lays on their back and shoulders!  Perfection.  The slightly different hems lengths is so fun, and perfect with leggings.
Well I just couldn't stop.  I got in some more fabric a fuchsia peach skin (never used before)  and chartreuse ribbed knit both from here.  Oh My they have the BEST sales!   They were a match made in heave for this pattern.  I even top stitched in the chartreuse thread color on the fuchsia for a pop!  I have the Hosh pant pattern, but I think I am going to wait until I get the right fabric, and wait for this fall.  Who knows the girls might actually grow some this summer!


 Lendee doing her happy dance!  Success!!!!


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