Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello Sugar!

Linking up again today with Andrea over at The Train to Crazy, and Make it wear it Thursday!

Lendee has always been my sweets eater and I would say "hey sugar baby" to her all the time.  Well I guess it kinda stuck with her (she doesn't forget a thing, plus she will repeat anything everything she hears!  I dropped her off at the babysitter one day and she spouted off "hello sugar".  Well it has become her official greeting, yes my child loves attention. 

I ordered some fabric and knew it would be perfect for a little dress for my verbal little baby!

I drafted the bodice from a shirt that fits her well.  and cut out two rectangles off a different pattern for the skirt.  I felt like the bottom of the skirt needed a bit of color so I cut 4 strips of coordinating fabric, sewed them together ( this was fabric from my boo boo order, so I only had a fat quarter square of each piece).  I had some coral ribbed knit that matched perfectly for the binding.

I was happy with the way it turned out. 

 A simple pearl button to close the back.... buttonholes on ribbed knit, grrrrr.  it took a little finagling.
Perfect for twirling.  The skirt is gathered enough to twirl, but not show of her "bloomers".


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