Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Going on an Egg Hunt

Well I was worried for a while that we would have a white Easter!  Thank the Lord it warmed up Saturday so I was able to get a quick photo shoot of the girls in their Easter dresses.

The Girls dresses were a labor of love!  My Grandmother (who taught me how to sew) gave me some fabric that belonged to her mother!  The yellow checked and pink fabric are both 60 years old!  She has an entire room filled with old fabric, dresses, and trim and every time I go home for a visit she loads me up!  I know my husband LOVES me bringing all my goodies home.... but they were free!!!! is always my answer!   Now the blue fabric was bought at hobby lobby because I did not have enough fabric for a third dress.  Graceanne's dress DID get some vintage lace!

I constructed the bodice of Lendee's dress first.  And added and antique petticoat as a "built in slip"
as I am new to this blogging thing.... I forget to take pictures.... note to self..... TAKE MORE PICTURES.  I did a button placket for Lendee's dress.  I did not take any pictures of the creation of the pink dress.... middle child issues apply to her clothing as well.... sorry Carleigh :(

Graceanne's dress came together quickly, and almost a little too much like a maid outfit, but oh well, she liked it.  I constructed the lined bodice with a zipper.  She did not want a very full skirt, so I made pleats instead of gathering the skirt. 

My Three littles Showing off their new Easter Dresses!

The Next day, Easter, was just as beautiful.  The girls woke up, we had to send Graceanne to church early with her Nanny to sing with the children's choir.  After Church I hosted lunch..... no pictures!
I know....slacker!  The girls were playing with the resurrection eggs and telling us the Easter story and saying "He is risen, He is risen indeed!"  Melts mamma heart! 
We then headed out to hunt those eggs!

Graceanne was off like the Flash, Carleigh was right behind her, and poor little Lendee was just taking her sweet time, well until she realized there was candy in the eggs and then she was running for the next one!

here is how our family photo shoot went.... not so hot.... sun in the girls eyes, dropping the eggs, dog photo bomb... well you understand!  It's about the memories right!?!?!?   Happy Easter!

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