Monday, April 8, 2013

Just a little farm girl

Right after we finished our "Photo Shoot"  Daddy came home and Carleigh was so excited to see the tractor, and her daddy. 

She has been itching to get on the "big Tractor" and help.  Rocky's new tractor has a training seat in it and is perfect for a ride along!  The only down fall, it's only one seat, and we have three girls!  So they have to take turns riding with daddy. 

Lilly "the dog" wanted to tag along!  Rocky was fertilizing the pastures and this takes about an hour for the field in front of our house.  That is about all that Carleigh can handle!  Graceanne could spend all day on the tractor, but for this little moment, Carleigh was the princess of the farm!
Daddy giving Carleigh a little lesson about the fertilizer (commercial) not the stinky free kind the chickens make!  Thank goodness! 
And off they go! 

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