Monday, April 8, 2013

A Family Trail Ride

We had beautiful weather this weekend!  Saturday we played outside all day and today after church we decided to go on a Razor Ride!  A Razor is a 4 person ATV and we squeezed all five of us in it!  Our girls are little so they all fit, and yes we were all buckled up!  We put in a car seat for Lendee.

Carleigh and Lendee waiting for daddy to unload the Razor!  We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of our state (Arkansas).  We have mountains all around, the Arkansas River just to our south, and hundreds of trails to ride!  We had some rain last week so, we had a few muddy spots!

As you can see we were all smiles at the beginning!  They were all yelling "Faster Daddy!"

We went through SEVERAL mud holes, and I think Rocky put the petal down just to make me yell!  And make the mud fly!  I was COVERED in mud splatter!
We made it to the top of the mountain!  So What goes up.....Must come back down!  And we came down FAST!  Three girls squealing in my ears, the wind in my face, and the roar of the engine was a lot for this momma!

Going fast down the hill was a bit much for Carleigh Bug!  At the bottom of the trail....
dun, Dun, DUUUUNNNN!!! It was no small creek.  It was a white capped fast moving creek!
again this momma was concerned.  So we got out of the razor to check it out

Rocky threw some rocks in (har har)  he said that it was about 2-3 feet deep!  I demanded (in a demure southern way) that he find a new way to cross!
Graceanne kept saying "lets cross lets cross"
Even the horses would not cross!  So Rocky walked down another path and found a different place to cross!  We were still concerned!

We crossed at a point that was 2 feet deep, water rushed in and my bum got wet! but we survived!
Carleigh gave us her slight hand of approval!  We will be going out again the next time we have a beautiful weekend.  Maybe even go camping.  And by camping I mean renting a cabin with running water and electricity.  Getting muddy on a trail ride is as "roughing it" as I want to get!

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