Monday, April 15, 2013

Country weekend

This weekend was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! We had temps in the upper 70s. (won't last long) the saying is "in Arkansas, wait five minutes and the weather will change" well we are supposed to have severe storms this week and freezing temps on Thursday and Friday. Better soak up that vitamin D while we can. Plus, my legs would blind you!

after school on Friday we went to our local nursery for some flowers.  I love this place, they know us by name, give the girls free seeds and they have this "pond" with two turtles and the girls love to feed them and watch them while I shop! Who would have thought a reptile could be such a good babysitter!

  So Saturday morning after Graceanne came back from feeding her calf Lucky, we were ready to plant the flowers! We built our house six years ago and have done minimal okay NO landscaping.  Life just got busy and the budget well you know....


We made two flower beds in front of the porch and later this week I have one more planned by our driveway.

We grilled out and had a picnic outside, the girls were so excited! Easily amused....

After church Rocky went to go pick up our beef (freezer is full!!!)

We decided to go for a drive up the mountain for dinner at The Burger Barn

Best burger ever!  I also did a little sewing.... testing a pattern!!  Fun Fun.

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