Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"there's no crying in baseball" or softball

Last night was Graceanne's second softball game.  I was totally surprised when she brought home a sign up for softball a few months ago. I have not forced them to play organized sports, hey, I am just happy she likes to frolic in the flowers and play pretend in the yard! I'm not knocking organized sports, I played (some on my own free will, others forced). My mom was and is a coach at heart , and forced me to play basketball.

Her team is made up of 6-8 year olds, Graceanne is 7 and the smallest on the team. Sorry kid, it's in your genes.

Our first game they won, but last night it was like we were playing in the MLB. Holy cow theses girls were good! They had muscles! And speed like the flash! I am in the dugout with the girls to help with helmets and batting order, and after each inning you could see their little faces getting more defeated.

Graceanne's first time up to bat, she hit it and ran fast, but was thrown out at first. I told her good hit, just run as fast as you can. She said "I did, she was faster and I can't run with this helmet!" HA! We were tied 3-3 but the game ended with a score of 3-13. The girls were upset, I just reminded them that we play for fun, we win some, we loose some. Then a mom came up with goldfish and Capri Suns and they were all giggles again.

When we got home we dunked those dusty girls in the tub! I was able to sew for a bit. I am working on a TMNT costume for a birthday party Saturday and cut some patterns for KCW!

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